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Minima | Maxima

Client: A Pavilion for World Expo 2017 in Astana, Kazakhstan

Location: Astana, Kazakhstan

Completion date: 2017

Project Team


Marc Fornes



Epazote Sa. Vladislav Sludskiy


Three sandwiched layers of ultra-thin, lightweight aluminum stripes accumulate to create the complex geometry and flowing form of this dramatic permanent pavilion. Minima | Maxima stands at a crossroad of extremes, where a minimum of material rises to unforeseen heights by way of its sprawling, double-curved surfaces. These notions of efficiency and effectiveness echo the theme of Astana Expo 2017, “Future Energy,” the international event for which it was commissioned.


Minima | Maxima was commissioned for World Expo 2017, an event with a history of architectural and engineering innovations. The structure was situated prominently on the grounds in Astana, Kazakhstan, where it will continue to live as a permanent structure. The commissioning agency and partnering art organizations were intent on enhancing the cultural character of Astana, a new global city between Europe and Asia. More than adding a sculptural object to the Expo City campus, we created an environment that conditions memorable experience. The pavilion incites curiosity from afar and provides a moment of contemplation and enjoyment, and playing a significant part in thousands of selfies and photos.


We always maintain a close working relationship with our fabricators and engineers, and this project was no exception. Made of over 5,000 individual components, it was assembled on-site by our French production team with the use of a detailed 3d model.