Midtown Shangri-La, Hangzhou - CODAworx

Midtown Shangri-La, Hangzhou

Submitted by Nikolas Weinstein Studios

Client: Kerry Real Estate (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd.

Location: Hangzhou, China

Completion date: 2015

Project Team

Interior Designer

LTW Designworks


Kerry Real Estate (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd




Designed by Nikolas Weinstein, this site-specific glass artwork is 46’L x 18’W x 11’H and is made of kiln-formed and woven borosilicate glass. It is located in the main guest lobby of the Mid-town Shangri-La Hotel Hangzhou. The artwork’s sinuous, organic form belies the rigid components, which are part of a complex and highly engineered system.


It was important that the artwork integrate with the space thematically and provide hotel guests with a beautiful and memorable sculpture that complemented the interior design. The piece was meant to allude to the rich history of the local West Lake as well as a long tradition of artisanship in the region. The glass sculpture also integrates into the interior by reflecting back the colors of the surroundings.


This is the second time that Nikolas Weinstein Studios has collaborated with LTW Designworks and its principal, HL Lim. Together they talked about developing the pleats and tight folds of the glass to loosely resemble the ruffled edge of the native Gingko leaf. Collaboration on the lighting focused on ensuring that the piece was lit to best effect while also considering the lighting of the room as a whole. The ceiling was addressed in terms of which material, color, and finish would best showcase the artwork. And the sculpture’s suspension system was incorporated into the design of the ceiling tiles. The Nikolas Weinstein Studios team worked closely with Kerry Real Estate’s on-site group to address installation requirements and logistics. And, as it is with all Nikolas Weinstein Studios projects, Nikolas and a team from his studio installed the sculpture.

Additional Information

This sculpture is part of an ongoing series of artworks by Nikolas Weinstein that leverages the place where art, architecture, technology, design, and engineering come together. Using his aesthetic which is drawn from the natural world, Nikolas has created an artwork that appears animated and unrestrained but at the same time is a strictly controlled and carefully engineered system.