MGM Lion - CODAworx

MGM Lion

Submitted by RDH Interests, Inc. Architecture & Interior Design


Client: Beau Rivage Resort

Location: Biloxi, MS, United States

Completion date: 2015

Project Team


Randall Huggins

RDH Interests, Inc.


Joe Wertheimer


RDH was commissioned to create a replica of the famous lions at MGM Grand Las Vegas and MGM Grand Detroit. After 6 months, our artist created a stunning golden Lion, weighing 400 lbs. and standing 7 1/2' tall by 31/2' wide. The Lion guards the gate at the Beau Rivage Resort's MGM Ballpark in Biloxi, MS


When creating a sculpture as iconic as the MGM Lion, you want to commission an artist that understands the details and importance of the overall design. We work with consultants all over the world to find just the right match for each client and project.


Communication is the key ingredient to all collaboration. The artist, the design team and owners were all involved to make this process seamless, and to accomplish a sculpture like this in 6 months is proof.