Mezzo - CODAworx


Submitted by Artello

Client: Gather Co.

Location: Edmonton, AB, Canada

Completion date: 2020

Project Team


Keith-yin Sun



Judi Chan



Articulated in abstract forms, geometric shapes and vibrant colours, Mezzo is a homage to the analogue process of print making. Measuring over 120’ in total width, 18’ in height and hand painted in acrylic exterior paint, the artwork spans over the East and North walls overlooking the busy and recently revitalized Columbia Avenue.

Formerly used for light industry, the repurposed complex is now the home of a workshop and gallery space dedicated to printmaking – Mezzo’s primary tenant. The core imagery of the artwork is based on the tools and equipments around the workshop and the tactile quality of prints.


Mezzo situates in a multicultural neighbourhood with a unique combination of low density housing, small local businesses and services, light industries and other commercial activities. Though bustling with traffics and local activities, the majority of such movements remain largely destination based.

The artwork through its vibrancy and sheer size calls out to the unexpected and curious eyes. In the midst of their hustle and bustle, passer-by are to pause, gaze upon the curious shapes and patterns, to ponder, or maybe simply to take in the colours, and in doing so, their surrounding environment - such is the invitation of the Mezzo artwork.


During the concept and research stage, hours were spent in the print workshop observing and taking pictures of tools, equipment and other interesting artifacts of the trade. These were then distilled, stripped down to simple forms and shapes, while constantly considering their arrangements and relationships with their immediate surrounding elements such as windows and doors.

Due to the level of accuracy the artwork requires, the draft was laid on by hand using the most primitive tools and methods (measuring, stencils and custom compasses). From concept to final painting, the Mezzo artwork was executed entirely by Artello’s humble team of two.