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MetroGnomes by Christian Moeller

Submitted by San Diego County Regional Airport Authority - San Diego, CA

Client: San Diego County Regional Airport Authority

Location: San Diego, CA, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $650,000

Project Team


Lauren Lockhat

San Diego County Regional Airport Authority


Christian Moeller

Industry Resource

James Augustin

Austin Commercial

Industry Resource

Nous Engineering




Located adjacent to busy roadways, the airfield, and San Diego Bay Christian Moeller’s MetroGnomes is situated at the intersection of many modes of transportation. The sense of constant motion that surrounds the site inspired the artist to create a work to reflect this busy hub of activity. Using an internal pivot mechanism developed by the oldest clock maker in Europe, the pair endlessly tick and tock in slow, graceful movements. The abstract form of the sculptures is evocative of varied objects, but for Moeller, it’s most reminiscent of his childhood in Germany and the tradition of garden gnomes.


It is critical to the mission of the Arts Program at San Diego International Airport that artists be commissioned to create site-specific, architecturally integrated public artworks that enhance the airport environment and customer experience.


The artist was hired concurrently with the project architect in order to allow for him to be an integral member of the design team from the start of the project. Moeller collaborated closely with the design team to identify the most impactful opportunity for artwork integration and throughout the development of the artwork design.