Metamorphic Synergy - CODAworx

Metamorphic Synergy

Submitted by Dana Kuglin

Client: Westminster College

Location: Salt Lake City, UT, United States

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $65,000

Project Team


Dana Kuglin

dbk productions


Dan Cummings

Spectrum Studios


Nate Srok

N8 Design


Kerry Transtrom

Glassfire Studios


Metamorphic Synergy is an aluminum and steel armature with fused glass/frit inlays in each segment of the butterfly wings. The segments are arranged in a 15' diameter, 45' tall DNA double helix suspended from the beam of the Medrum atrium 65' up from the floor.


It is not often an opportunity to fit a sculpture in this type of space comes your way, so you have to make the most of it. The synergy of this sculpture was to take an image of change /adaptation and growth, then break that down into a representation of the science involved - and fit it into the ideal space of a large, open air atrium like the one in the Meldrum Building @ Westminster College.


This piece was conceived through competitive collaboration. My maquette was a simple laminate of a colorful butterfly hot glued to a hanger armatu moore in a DNA double helix 10" tall. That was placed on the table during the first design meeting with a couple of other pieces. We stated we wanted to build this 45' tall in aluminum and glass, then hang it from the ceiling.

Additional Information

Metamorphic Synergy was conceived, designed, fabricated, funded and installed in less then 3 months - on budget with the collaboration of dbk productions, Spectrum Studios and with the cooperation of Westminster College - all of Salt Lake City, Utah