Messier 15 - CODAworx

Messier 15

Client: Omaha Children's Hospital and Medical Center

Location: Omaha, NE, United States

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $4,600

Project Team

Design Principal

Elizabeth Von Lehe


Artwork Handler

Nick Zuniga



Messier 15 was purchased for the Omaha Children’s Hospital and Medical Center in 2021. This original painting measures 48″x48″, and was created with layers of acrylic, resin, and powder pigments. A black frame completed the work and is now hanging at the hospital in Omaha, NE.


The theme for this install was Cosmic. Paintings were purchased and commissioned to celebrate the cosmos, and provide a sense of wonderment for patients and visitors.


While the painting was already completed at the time of commission, I worked closely with HDR Inc. to finalize Messier 15, preparing it with a frame and security hanging hardware for easy installation.