Mercury Soul - CODAworx

Mercury Soul


Client: New World Symphony

Location: Miami, FL, United States

Completion date: 2012

Project Team


Anne Patterson


New World Symphony


I created paintings directly inspired by the music that was to be performed, which were then animated and projected upon the walls of the hall.


I wanted to explore different angles through which audiences could experience music based on my own musical experience which is irrevocably multi-sensory; could I create a similar audience experience?


Partnering with composer and DJ Mason Bates and conductor Benjamin Shwartz, I developed the idea for two years. The evening consisted of many small live performances interspersed with DJ sets, art installations, theatrical lighting, and non-traditional placement. The relationship between performers, audience members and art – a relationship long-neglected by traditional staged performance – became central to the performance.

Additional Information

Mercury Soul created a performance where audiences were able to experience live performance of the highest caliber at a very close physical proximity, building connections with the music and its performers and all enhanced by stimulating and innovative art installations.