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Memorial Hospital Remodel Interior Art

Submitted by Amanda Smith

Client: Memorial Hospital of Converse County

Location: Douglas, WY, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $15,000

Project Team


Karl Hertz

Memorial Hospital


Jared William

Together West


Amanda Smith

Amanda Smith Western Art


Accommodate new remodel with interior art for walls of all floors of hospital, (including all employee offices, patient rooms, hallways, and waiting areas,) by incorporating the environments that encompass the County that the hospital serves. Rustic, Ranching, Nature, Equine, and Agriculture. Designed all walls in 3D prior to install. Installed 287 Canvas prints.


The goal was to create a communicative atmosphere in the hospital that provided a comfortable distraction and homelike feel for patients, and employees alike. Creating an uplifting atmosphere using a gallery style approach was very important to the overall design.


I worked directly with hospital staff, maintenance and the CEO as well as the Director of the Hospital, communicating with each of them on a group and individual basis.

Additional Information

It was wonderful to watch it come to fruition and to be an integral part of beginning to install to finish.