Mellie's Meadow - CODAworx

Mellie’s Meadow

Submitted by Michelle Stitzlein

Client: Dayton Metro Library - Huber Heights Branch

Location: Huber Heights, OH, United States

Completion date: 2023

Project Team

Structural Consultant and Lead Installer

Nathaniel Stitzlein

Project Manager ReImagining Works

Susan Anable

The Dayton Art Institute

Community Engagement Manager

Jayne Klose

Dayton Metro Library


As an homage to the Dayton community, a city well known for innovation, this piece was designed to bring awareness to the need for championing sustainability and new ideas in recycling/reuse, as well as in hope that we as a society become more sensitive to environmental sustainability in the future. Therefore, the work was created with repurposed materials including old garden hoses and a mosaic of plastic, wood, glass and ceramic items, etc. The piece measures 6’0″H x 20’0″W x 9″D.


Inspired by the beauty of native plants and the importance of protecting pollinators, I created the piece Mellie’s Meadow in homage to fellow Ohioan, Mary Forrer Peirce (Mellie) and her 1869 work 'Growing Flowers', a piece found in the collection of The Dayton Art Institute. Utilizing repurposed materials with items destined for a landfill, I imagined a pastoral landscape in an expansion of her imagery.


After submitting a proposal and being awarded the commission, I worked with Jayne Klose on gathering repurposed materials from the construction site as well as small items from local library patrons. Discussions and meetings took place with Susan Anable, Jayne, Nathaniel Stitzlein and the construction managers/contractors about weight and structural concerns to ensure that the piece would be safely installed. Progress photos were e-mailed to Susan and Jayne intermittently. Nathaniel Stitzlein assisted with construction details and Nathaniel, Danny and Max, with the Dayton Metro Library, assisted with the installation on site.