Meeting Places

Submitted by Catharine Magel


Client: Chesterfield Parks and Recreation

Location: Chesterfield, MO, United States

Completion date: 2016

Project Team


Catharine Magel


Jane A. Barrow

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Industry Resource

Troco Custom Fabricators


Meeting places ……is a sculpture that explores the possibility and relationship between form and surface and the intersection of cultures east and west…….
The application of densely painted decorative motifs and patterns are to signify the identity of other cultures……These details cross the boundaries of time and geographic distance.
As the world moves toward greater globalization, many nationalities and cultures will merge together and evolve, into an unknown global reconstruction of universal human nature and culture.
Aluminum water jet cut out and painted and sealed. 9' x 12'


Project for Chesterfield Parks Sculpture park area is where concerts are on going all summer. The piece was made to welcome people to the natural beauty and free music in the park and create a meeting place. I examine the language of symbols (Flowers as part of the natural world) and the language or ornament (Patterns) in this piece. These patterns and symbols I use to re-contextualize the intersecting cultures. This process then becomes the constructing of a hybrid of familiar and unfamiliar sculptural painting.My work invites the viewers mind to contemplate as I raise the questions of whether there are meanings or discernable patterns of human endeavors. My intent was to bring people together to meet and interact.
The color is evocative of flowing music. Color has emotion like music and therefore the piece will be colorful and energetic. Color has a beautiful emotional silence as well.
“Music and silence combine strongly because music is done with silence, and silence is full of music.”

Marcel Marceau


I collaborated with Troco an industrial fabrication company in St Louis. They worked from my model and CAD. Then it was cut with water jet machines.TROCO fabricators welded all pieces together as well.

Additional Information

I loved working this way and have more designs to continue with new works . i like the pop or explosion of color and blooming images.