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MediCo Centre

Client: MediCo Centre

Location: Paderborn, Germany

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $300,000

Project Team


Martin Donlin

Martin Donlin Limited


Wolfgang Bremer

Bremer AG

Industry Resource

Jan Peters

Peters Glass Studios


The new MediCo Centre in Paderborn Germany were looking for an artwork to adorn their new facility, the initial brief was to produce an artwork at the main entrance, however once I met with the architects we began to explore other areas. Finally once a glazing system was agreed we went for the corner of the two main streets that the building fronts.
The artwork is 50 feet wide by 55 feet high.


The artwork was to speak to local people in the City that this was a new facility that generates a feeling of confidence from the visitor - “if the building looks this good - the treatment I receive should also be great!“


The designs have been created using simple human figure forms in the pursuit of health and happiness. The figures include men,women and children as a „family“ just like the building houses a „family“ of professional practitioners who we as the public can trust to look after all our healthcare issues with confidence. The designs have been generated with the spirit and sense of well-being then abstracted to such a degree as to extract the essence and nature of this feeling, hopefully leaving the viewer to project their own thoughts and interpretations onto the artworks.

Additional Information

The colours are designed to be warm and welcoming and not to alienate anyone but to be accessible and inviting. Finally I was invited to extended the design philosophy into the building where parts of the main design artwork were used as signage and way finding. The glass is all hand painted then toughened and laminated using "invisable" fixings.