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Measuring the Physicality of Void

Client: Royal Commission for AlUla

Location: AlUla, Saudi Arabia

Completion date: 2022

Project Team

Project Manager

Jeremy Crandell


Project Manager

Chelsea Guerdat



Shaikha AlMazrou


Shaikha AlMazrou’s site-specific copper pillows were installed as part of Desert X AlUla, 2022. The installation consisted of six air-inflated volumes located in and amongst the canyon walls and crevices. Each form is made of welded copper sheeting, 2m x 3m in size and expanded to ~500mm.


Free and open to all, Desert X AlUla is a recurring, site-responsive, international art exhibition taking place in AlUla, Saudi Arabia. 2022’s exhibition, under the curatorial vision of Reem Fadda, Raneem Farsi and Neville Wakefield, featured newly commissioned works by 15 artists bringing a plurality of voices from around the world.


UAP was engaged by the Royal Commission for AlUla to deliver the fifteen works to the remote canyon site. As a project manager, I worked with colleagues to design, engineer, fabricate, transport, install and maintain each piece.