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MC Boutique Hotel

Submitted by Siona Benjamin

Client: Marriot Hotels

Location: Montclair, NJ, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $24,000

Project Team


Siona Benjamin

Blue Like Me

Interior Designer

Dash Design

Dash Design


Marriott hotel commission for MC boutique hotel in Montclair NJ was 7 6' works of art are installed on 7 floors of the hotel. Medium is acrylic on canvas and giclee on canvas.


I live between Anderson and Edgemont parks in Montclair NJ, known for its Olmstedian curvilinear pathways. I wish to celebrate this in my paintings and showcase the flora and fauna. Inspired by my art training in eastern and western techniques, the trees are rendered in Indian miniature style. I have researched the history of Montclair and I have highlighted this in my 7 paintings for the 7 floors in this commission for the MC hotel in New Jersey.


Montclair Shangri-La
I love living in Montclair and I reside between two parks. Anderson park and Edgemont park both known for its Olmstedian curvilinear pathways is where I have taken many a wonderful walk over the years. I wish to celebrate this in my paintings for the MC Hotel and showcase the beautiful flora and fauna of this area.

My training is in eastern and western techniques and therefore inspired partly by the tradition of Indian miniature paintings, I have rendered the trees and foliage in this style. I have researched the history of Montclair and I will be highlighting this in my six paintings for the six floors of the hotel.

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Monsoon Blue Night and Pink Night are the works that will showcase seven versions of one scene. The egret that visits Edgemont park flaunts its feathers and deer shyly peek out of the bushes. The mighty Oak tree in Anderson park makes an appearance as does the train tracks and park pathways that wind their way across the canvases.
Find butterflies, dragon flies, frogs and birds and loose yourself in the magical parks of Montclair Shangri-La!!