Maxwell Street Corridor - CODAworx

Maxwell Street Corridor

Client: ART Deign Group

Location: Lancaster, PA, United States

Completion date: 2007

Artwork budget: $87,000

Project Team


Becky Ault

ART Design Group


Wolff Landscape Architect

Wolff Landscape Architect

Industry Resource

Jerry Sensenig

Charles S. Shirk Trucking


Artist Becky Ault brings her vision to life with a breathtaking ensemble comprising three life-size figures, a bench, and meticulously crafted, photorealistic street scenes. Each element of this captivating composition is meticulously sculpted and cast in bronze, embodying the artist’s dedication to detail and artistic expression. From the lifelike figures that evoke emotion to the inviting bench that beckons travelers, every aspect of this installation invites viewers to immerse themselves in its beauty and narrative. With a seamless fusion of artistry and craftsmanship, Becky Ault’s bronze masterpiece stands as a testament to the power of sculpture to inspire and captivate.


The Landscape Architect along with the Artist designed the Figures and the Crates with old realistic photos from the 20th Century to be a part of a new street scape on the Maxwell Street Corridor for the people past and present could enjoy the history of a different time.


ART Research worked with our Client ART Design Group to develop, cast and install three life sized cast bronze Figures, cast bronze bench and cast bronze crates with photo realistic sculpted street scenes that were welded into crates. After ART Design sculpted the original works, ART Research produced rubber molds off the original clay. ART Research also made sand molds and cast from wood slat crates and a bench. All sculptures received a patina and polychromatic coatings. The pieces were then loaded onto a tractor trailer and transported to Chicago for installation. ART Research installed the sculptures through out Maxwell Street Corridor at designated locations that Wolff Landscape Architects noted.