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Mapping Our Way

Client: MTR Corporation Limited - Admiralty Station

Location: Hong Kong, China

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $625,000

Project Team


Talley Fisher

Talley Fisher Studio, LLC

Art Consultant and Artist Representative

Virginia Miu

Neuberg Arts Limited

Chief Architect of MTR

Andrew Mead

MTR Corporation Limited

Project Architectural Manager

Kwok Wai Cheng

MTR Corporation Limited

Fabrication Design and Drawings

ART Research Enterprises, Inc.


“Mapping Our Way” represents the convergence of the four transit lines serving Admiralty Station in Hong Kong and is based on imagery derived from the MTR system map. Sections of the map were used to create four unique sculptural elements, or “maps” that are hung along “tracks”, signifying the actual lines coming in and out of Admiralty Station. The “maps” are powder coated in each of the four-line colors that interchange at the station.

The perforated aluminum “maps” create a moiré pattern when viewed from the escalators below, generating movement within the static sculpture. The elements run along the aluminum tube “tracks” in a forced perspective, meaning they are larger on one end and scaled down to a smaller element. This gives the illusion of the train lines moving closer to, or farther away from the viewer.

When viewing the intersections of the four lines, it becomes evident how the paths of individuals cross, adding a touch of humanity to the artwork. The sculpture not only refers to the actual transit lines, but also reflects the “personal map” that one carries within oneself. We are all individuals, with our own interests and perspectives, yet we are often going to the same places and encountering many others along the way.


MTR has a robust and impressive collection of artworks in its public transit stations throughout Hong Kong. Their commitment to integrating site-specific artworks into public spaces is evident in this project. The Admiralty Station extension added two new train lines into Hong Kong, greatly increasing mobility throughout the city. It was designed to both move people efficiently as well as create an enjoyable journey through its unique, architecturally magnificent multi-level station. At the heart of this massive station is a spacious atrium, with a skylight providing natural light above the suspended sculpture - “Mapping Our Way”.

The goal of the project was to create a site-specific, iconic sculpture that anchors the large atrium. The monumental artwork provides a sense of place and celebrates Hong Kong’s inter-connectivity and dynamic rail system. Integrating the artwork into the overall design was crucial, from design and engineering to installation. The artist was brought in at an early stage of the station design to collaborate with the MTR team throughout the design, fabrication, and installation of the artwork.


Full collaboration from all industries involved was essential to the success of this project. The artist, art consultant, and MTR team coordinated for each phase of the project: design development, detailed designs, fabrication drawings, fabrication, mock-up, and installation. Engineering support and production documents were necessary from consultants both in the US and Hong Kong, as the sculpture was fabricated in China. Safety was extremely important throughout the process, since the sculpture is suspended over a large bank of escalators that serves thousands of people every day.

The artist visited the foundry during the mock-up, and was joined by MTR’s team, to ensure the composition was as specified as well as to sort out suspension points and installation details. Although Covid-19 made it challenging to complete the project, it was installed to the artist’s specifications, with tremendous coordination between Neuberg Arts and the team from MTR.

Additional Information

In 2022, the Admiralty Station Extension won Gold in Better Future's Hong Kong Design Awards, including a nod to Mapping Our Way under the Art in MTR program.