Makers Monument - CODAworx

Makers Monument

Client: Mark Reigelman

Location: Columbus, OH, United States

Completion date: 2021

Project Team


Bollinger Atelier


Mark Reigelman


The 20-foot, 7,000-pound stainless steel sculpture created by artist Mark Reigelman is shaped like a series of elongated crystals, with the surface having perforated repeated outlines of 50 unique items, ranging from sawblades to rocking horses, that represent some of the goods made in Columbus over time.


Our main goal is to translate and maintain the artist’s original vision. During fabrication we work from the inside out, so plenty of forethought and planning is key for success. This starts with a 3D model that acts as the blueprint and cut guide for our fabrication team. There were two parts to the visual aspect of this project. The first was the general Crystalline cluster form. The second was the pattern of object silhouettes of columbus-made items that would be cut out of the surface of the crystalline structure. The goal was to create a lace-like structural skin for the artwork that allowed passersby to search for and identify objects while limiting the surface to 25% openness so that the structural integrity of the skin could be maintained.