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Majestic – 13-foot eagle for Mountain View Village

Client: CenterCal Properties

Location: Riverton, UT, United States

Completion date: 2018

Project Team


Fred Bruning

Industry Resource

Piero Mussi

Artworks Foundry


Majestic is a 13-foot bronze eagle on permanent display at Mountain View Village in Riverton, UT. The protective stance the eagle holds signifies the sacrifice and service of the men and women serving in the Fire Department, Police Department, and local National Guard.


This sculpture is the centerpiece of the plaza. It shows the support for the local emergency services and first responders. And because of the location, the eagle also represents the beauty of the surrounding environment in Utah.


I start off with the idea of a sculpture for this specific location. Working with Fred Bruning(owner and developer of location), we came up with the concept of an eagle. From there I design many drawings to reach a final concept. Once that has been decided I will then make a smaller maquette of the eagle sculpture. This one was 32" in wingspan and is now available as a limited edition piece. After all the design elements are worked out at that smaller scale, I then enlarge the sculpture in this case to a 13" width wingspan. The actual wing length is 20 feet, yet they are curved forward. After this stage is complete in clay, I then have it cast in bronze, for many years of enjoyment and viewing.