Maitri Medicinals - CODAworx

Maitri Medicinals

Submitted by The High Road Design Studio, LLC

Client: Maitri Medicinals

Location: Pittsburgh, PA, United States

Completion date: 2019

Project Team

Interior Designer

Megan Stone

The High Road Design Studio


Corinne Ogrodnik

Maitri Medicinals

Industry Resource

Matt Kissane

Excel Sign Works


Maitri continues its commitment to serving patients in the emerging Pennsylvania cannabis industry and supporting the revival of local communities by opening a second dispensary in the heart of Pittsburgh. With the primary dispensary functions located on the second level, creativity was put to the test in order to establish a distinct sense of arrival on the main level and entice customers upward on their dispensary journey. The inspired solution is a two-story branded wall. Vinyl decals in a striped application of PPG brand hues seamlessly wrap the stairwell core and are punctuated with a dimensional acrylic peacock logo.


The colorful wall art serves as a key wayfinding strategy and reinforces the core design concept of transition. The gradient striped application was used to attract attention from the street and draw customers inside. Due to the second floor location of the dispensary, the goal was to immediately immerse visitors in the brand and entice them upstairs with a sense of excitement and anticipation. The use of color was paramount to achieving that goal.

In addition to attracting attention, the striped effect interplays with the gradient palette on the stair risers. This entry sequence establishes the palette for the entire dispensary experience and reinforces the core concept of transition. The redevelopment of the neighborhood, the emerging cannabis industry and the repurposing of the existing building represent the importance of transition and the colorful entry point and wayfinding strategy uses lines, colors, textures and materials to create a rhythm for the customer journey.


Due to Maitri’s commitment to supporting a sense of community, The High Road Design team selected the brand inspired blue and green palette from the PPG color offering. High Road then worked with Excel Sign Works who developed the vinyl decals in the gradient color scheme as well as the dimensional acrylic peacock. Excel Sign Works shrink wrapped the wall with seamless transitions, such as around the emergency door, to create a meticulous striped application. The dimensional acrylic peacock was then applied to the striped surface.