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Maitri Medicinals – Uniontown

Submitted by The High Road Design Studio, LLC

Client: Maitri Medicinals

Location: Uniontown, PA, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $1,500

Project Team

Interior Designer

Megan Stone

The High Road Design Studio


Corinne Orgodnik

Maitri Medicinals

Art Consultant

Ashley Fair

Ashley Fair


Inspired by the concept that “the sum is greater than its parts,” this art installation is comprised of an assortment of on-brand colored ribbons attached to a seven-foot diameter metal grid hanging from the 14-foot ceiling by chain. The black chain and metal grid help the structure visually fade into the ceiling, giving prominence to the 1,466 colorful ribbons and creating the illusion that they are suspended in space.


This ribbon installation was conceived to provide an enticing and interactive semi-permanent three-dimensional visual display and Instagrammable moment within the Maitri Uniontown dispensary showroom. A reserved corner of the showroom, meant to house a future edibles bar, provided the perfect location for the temporary attraction and presented an unlikely opportunity to elevate the ATM experience.


The High Road Design Studio wanted to fill this temporary open space with a semi-permanent piece of art that was memorable, Instagrammable and unusual. The team was inspired by an installation at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and wanted to create a free-flowing art form to accent the showroom. Together with Ashley Fair they came up with the idea of using ribbons in a palette of Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired colors to reinforce the brand and color blocking strategy of the interior design.

1,466 ribbons were used to complete the installation, about 38 ribbons per square foot. The installation took two full days and two sets of hands to complete (the ribbons were attached by-hand to the overhead framework). An outer wall was constructed with a dense collection of ten-foot long ribbons arranged in a seven-foot diameter. In the center of the enclosure, a number of shorter three-foot ribbons creates a playful ceiling installation. While an artistic display, it also provides a sense of privacy for a key functional requirement within cannabis dispensaries, ATM transactions.