Submitted by Eric Amsellem

Client: Canella Beach Hotel & Restaurant

Location: Le Gosier, Guadeloupe

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $146,872

Project Team

Industry Resource

Daniel goudou

Ama Design


Eric Amsellem


Industry Resource

Jean Pierre Caram

Dream Plus


I present here, a project realized in Le Gosier in Guadeloupe.
The request of my employer was to renovate his hotel.
The difficulty was to design a new identity at this hotel without exceeding the initial budget. I was inspired directly by the local dress codes to define the colors to give to this set the transformation applied to the entire surface of the building, the materials used are mainly colors based on natural pigment to resist powerful ultraviolet radiation. We also designed and realized a deck for boats and a pool floor design


The goal of the managment was to restore an atmosphere to this establishment, about thirty years old.
Indeed the competition in the hotel sector has created this demand and the executive of this hotel commissioned a budget to create a differentiating element associated with an original quest for identity , The importance of this transform-
ation was to enhance the site and obtain a new appeal for a busy clientele and produce a new craze and produce better online reviews


 To concretize this project a number of talents were needed, massons painters and ironworkers a lot of equipment also had to be rented .
We called the painter ( Ama design) team and these professionals advised us to use only paints based on mineral pigments.
 Then the massons came to prepare the walls and install the scaffolding with the painters. I supervised all the works and organize rhythms of colors for the facades and balconies
(in facts later the management also agreed to harmonize the colors of the balconies for the associated with the colors of the facade. )I also design and supervise the construction of a deck to facilitate the arrival of boats to the hotel

Additional Information

The hotel Canella Beach has seen its turnover increase significantly after the renovation works, which proves that the artistic valuation is a key factor of economic perenite I often work with the hotel Canelle beach. recently they give me a new project that of rennoves all the rooms this project is being completed