Curtain Call - CODAworx

Curtain Call

Submitted by Lynda Cronin

Client: City of Ottawa

Location: Ottawa, Ont, Canada

Completion date: 2011

Project Team


Lynda Cronin


Michele Provost


Curtain Call uses text and colourful reflective glass mosaic tile; thousands of glittering glass tile combine to reflect light in a provocative and memorable way and engage the public with humour and irony. The intention is to embrace all that is spectacular about theatre and performance; drawing inspiration from elegant colourful historic theatre billboards and referencing the plays and performances enacted upon the stage. Each panel mirrors and explores casual conversations that have and will be communicated within this lively community space.


The intention with this project was to articulate public space in an interesting and meaningful way, by considering all aspects from social usage, architectural design and viewer engagement. The work is perfectly suited and integrated into the two large 50 foot long expansive walls at the entrance to the interior of the Theatre.


The approach to all projects is founded on exploration of the unique characteristics of each specific site, the surrounding social history, public interaction, investigation into community interests and the role of Public Art from an International perspective.The success of each project depends on excellent oral and written communication skills and the experience working collaboratively with interdisciplinary teams.