Lydmar Hotel - CODAworx

Lydmar Hotel

Client: Lydmar Hotel

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $70,000

Project Team

Industry Resource

Andrea Tamburello

Khami Kolor

Art Consultant

Mattias Hallencreutz

Dr Creutz


Kristian Schmidt


In an effort to increase awareness for wildlife conservation and the environment, The Stockholm based Lydmar Hotel and I created an installation of my most impactful artwork to be featured in the hotel lobby. The metallic print on plexiglass was perfect for highlighting my photography within their eclectic decor.


Compliment the interior while showing pieces that stood out enough to spark emotion in their guests. Guests were encouraged to enjoy the beauty of the art and make a donation to WildAid during the installation.


The challenge was to showcase prints that complicated the ever-changing interior throughout the day. The venue’s large windows determine the color scheme in the lobby from bright daylight to dusky night. The Metallic print on plexiglass gives the images the perfect color rendering for the setting.