“Spot” at Mercier Building, Luxembourg - CODAworx

“Spot” at Mercier Building, Luxembourg

Client: Post Luxembourg

Location: Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Completion date: 2017

Project Team


Franck Miltgen


Anna Rothfuss

Derix Glasstudios



“The idea behind this project was to create a connection to the historical champagne cellar, which is not accessible to the public anymore” explains artist Franck Miltgen. "Key of the project was that the sculpture would represent the art of translation: the transformation of a physical item into digital data and into a physical item again. At the same time, the art piece shows the displacement from dark cellar into light-flooded glass-architecture, whilst having a mineral and monolithic quality, resulting in a space divider which is allowing visitors an introspective moment whilst being in a public space.”


"Through a highly constructive collaboration with Derix Glasstudios, we were able to scan a rock-surface of the cellar just underneath the actual sculpture, and reproduce its surface with 300 layers of stacked float glass." - Artist Franck Miltgen