Lux Mandala - CODAworx

Lux Mandala

Submitted by Brian Corr


Location: Canberra, Australia

Completion date: 2018

Project Team


Brian Corr


Dr. Mark Dyson

Darkhouse Production Design


Zeljko Markov


Lux Mandala explores the translation of a rare optical phenomenon into a mechanism for contemplative experience. Generated in nature through a complex interaction of sunlight, water droplets and the viewer’s position, I was able to synthesise an enduring iteration of the phenomenon using retro-reflective glass microspheres mounted to a timber substrate and illuminated by colourless LED. My hope is that through engagement with the image of one’s own shadow encompassed by this lucent mandala, viewers might experience a cathartic sense of wonder or a fleeting recognition of the transcendent within themselves and the world we occupy.


After developing the concept for the work, and sourcing the necessary materials, I worked closely with a lighting designer to test a range of lighting sources and solutions to identify the most effective means of producing the phenomenon. I also worked with a master builder to construct the timber "canvas" in order to create a seamless viewing field.

Additional Information

This project was presented as a component of my PhD research through the Sculpture Department of the Australian National University. I am very interested in partnering with institutions and/or architects to produce much larger iterations of this concept in public spaces in order to provide fully immersive contemplative viewing experiences for members of the public.