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Luminous Ceilings – Constellation

Client: City of Minneapolis

Location: Minneapolis, MN, United States

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $82,000

Project Team

Metal Fabricator

Atom Pechman


Lighting Designer

Michael Cohen

Schuler Shook


Inspired by the Milky Way, Constellation is an artwork with over 1000 unique hand-made resin, metal, and glass sculptures that represent the diverse departments and individuals of the Minneapolis Public Service Building. Constellation is a translucent network of colors with clusters of dark and light sculptures that gently undulate along a 28-foot span to welcome employees to a serene and calming environment. The sculptures are attached to metal panels by neodymium magnets and four kinds of lighting elements interact with the sculptures at specific intervals to create an array of subtle and luminous experiences evoking the Milky Way. The concept behind Constellation was guided by the Minneapolis Health and Regulatory Services team, their shared commitment to civic duty, and their collective goal to make Minneapolis a better, safer and more vibrant city.


The City of Minneapolis had a goal of creating a new Public Service Building in downtown Minneapolis that would contain several permanent public artworks that would be accessible to everyone in the community. The design and concept of Constellation was inspired by the employees that work and frequent the space and also designed to create a sense of peace and tranquility as they go about their day.


The collaboration between the City of Minneapolis, Architectural Firm - Henning Larsen, MSR Design, Lighting Consultants - Schuler Shook, FORMFROMFORM, and myself was a three year project. Because the building was being built as I was creating the artwork, collaboration and communication were key. I worked most closely with Atom Pechman at FORMFROMFORM. He translated my vision for perforated, removable, metal panels that would accommodate over 1000 sculptures hanging from neodymium magnets into life. We had one week to install this 3000 pound luminous artwork so my electricians and installation team were essential in making this a success.