LoviNYou - CODAworx


Submitted by Marcos SABOYA

Client: London City Hall, New York City Gov and others

Location: London, United Kingdom

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $800,000

Project Team


Marcos Saboya



Gualter Pupo



“2 days” festival with “paper airplanes”, symbolizing the flight of feelings and words between London and New York.

In London they would carry printed quotes of New York authors and in New York, Londoners authors, in a lyrical and playful celebration. (Also, amazing quotes from historical genius)

A rain of more than 1.000.000 Paper planes, simultaneously in both cities , at the opening. ( We know how to do, technically …) , will make a poetic and colorful celebration, also physical and interactive…
“The paper plane model presented is not dangerous because it has no sharp edges.”


This artwork is attached to a romantic concept where "affection projectiles" - love letters- are randomly launched, in the form of "paper planes", between two great metropolises. In a playful effort to link these two cities through love statements Saboya translates the idea of reconnection with extreme lightness and efficiency, like a breath that carries this charge of love between two cities. LoviNYou conveys an intense beauty: A "message in a bottle cast to the sea by a castaway". A "precog" already worthy for its action, yearning romantically toward the unity that would give us solace to our original split. Saboya's concept is of a jet stream of "incidental love" between these two cities that, although very different, are nevertheless similar in their multiplicity and apparent impersonality. It thus restores our authentic meaning by bringing to the surface what is our most beautiful attitude, often hidden behind the rough fabric of days and obscure hours. In other words, LoviNYou is an attempt to re-humanize vast urban spaces through a sort of Love flight, without knowing where it will land but knowing that its dynamic is all that matters.


More than 400 volunteers in the two cities... Letters and love poems distributed in paper airplane formats ... during the simultaneous Festival in the two largest parks in London and New York.
A celebration of love in all its forms ...

Additional Information

https://www.facebook.com/lovinyouair/ https://vimeo.com/178343911