Love Lights - CODAworx

Love Lights

Submitted by wonderMakr

Client: Cadillac Fairview / Traffik

Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $902,500

Project Team


Dylan Welsh


Industry Resource

Sean Clark

Creative Visual Solutions


484 LED lights, Motors and winches, with custom vacu-formed plastic coverings mirroring the shape of the structure, inspired by the shape of the space; 8 interactive step pads; 35’ tall x 40’ Diameter extruded and powder-coated aluminum structure.
Love Lights was Canada’s largest interactive, kinetic light sculpture created for the holiday season of 2016, hosted in the Hudson Bay Atrium of Sherway Gardens in Toronto to provide relief for shoppers from the hectic environment. Mall-goers stood on each of the 8 LED-lit floor pads thereby actively bringing people together in the public space to produce mesmerizing animations and movement.


The goal of the project was to increase traffic to an underserviced area of CF Sherway Gardens. The space was not new, but it did not get as much foot traffic as the rest of the building. By creating an open concept and inviting space for consumers and wanderers to congregate and interact with the sculpture and one another, the space had more foot traffic and sense of community was strengthened.


wonderMakr: Building the brain and the control system for consumers to engage with. The experience was created so that the user can interact with one of eight LED integrated pressure sensors, which when all are depressed surprise all onlookers with a multi-sensory show of 484 kinetic winches and animated custom LED bulbs.
Creative Visual Solutions: Without the body of the beast, we would never have gotten these winches off the ground (quite literally). At the time of execution, the architectural body was Canada’s largest indoor, temporary structure. Sean Clarke and his team managed the design, engineering, pre-set and final build of the aluminum trussing structure on site at Sherway Gardens.
Traffik: CF’s creative and strategic agency and the believers in holiday magic. With the insight, creative idea, and art direction from Traffik, CF saw an increase in traffic upwards of 20% YOY, the nearby retailers saw a sales increase of 9% and over 100k social media impressions.