"LoveBird" - CODAworx


Submitted by Ed Carpenter

Client: The City of Dallas, Texas and Dallas Love Field Airport

Location: Dallas, TX, United States

Completion date: 2021

Project Team


Ed Carpenter

Ed Carpenter Studio

Renderings & schematic drawings

Drew Carson

Steel Fabricator

Puritan Manufacturing, Omaha, NE


EasTex Tower, Inc., Longview, TX

Lighting Design

Biella Lighting Design, Portland, OR

Cables & Hardware

West Coast Wire Rope, Portland, OR

Interior sculpture wiring

Thompson Electric, Omaha, NE


Grummel Engineering, Portland, OR

Project Administration

Arleen Daugherty

Ed Carpenter Studio


Just landed at the Entrance to Love Field Airport, in Dallas, Texas: “LoveBird” sculpture.

Poised for flight, “LoveBird” alights at the head of the runway, guardian of Love Field, spreading its 90′ wingspan in a display of pride and optimism. Its sleek contours compliment the Modernism of the terminal, suggesting a fantastical bird or advanced aircraft. To some it may evoke the “wing display” of the Mockingbird, namesake of the adjacent roadway and Texas State bird. Is it ascending or descending? Either way, it rises delicately from a fine point, slightly canted, stabilized only by slender cables arrayed in a fan form suggesting tail feathers.

Landscape improvements scheduled for completion in Spring of 2022.


The client's goals were:
1. Respect FAA height limit of 20’
2. Create a bold, original and unforgettable icon for the entrance to Love Field.
3. Suggest the drama and mystery of flight.
4. Meet a fixed budget and schedule.
5. Design for strict structural code, durable materials, easy shipping and erection.
6. Insure dramatic night lighting for a strong 24 hour presence.

For maximum impact, LoveBird responds to the 20’ height limit with wings that reach horizontally as far as possible---a 90’ wingspan. The flat site, viewed against a background that is primarily runway and sky, is perfect for a sculpture with simple, bold forms. The lighting plan combines a circle of up-lights around the base, carefully shielded to avoid conflicts with aviation, plus concealed internal illumination for bold luminance at night. Illuminated tips provide a finely crafted finish to the wing elements and glow brightly after dark.