Louvre Headquarters Art Furniture EXPO - CODAworx

Louvre Headquarters Art Furniture EXPO

Submitted by Lars Hypko

Client: Louvre Group

Location: Shunde Guangdong Privince, China

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $800,000

Project Team


Lars Hypko, Assagai Inc., and Alessandro Lo Giudice

Art Consultant

Mary Ta

Minotti Los Angeles

Interior Designer

Lars Hypko

Assagai Inc


As we go up the escalator we have a time to gather our thoughts. Where is design created and how can we see how it influences us? From far we see the importance of light and perspective. Pattern is shown and we know that the complexity of design is broken down into singular elements. The use of transparent surfaces share the desire to enter this labyrinth of interpretation. Art comes to mind and the soul is touched. The huge lighting fixture floating above give as an understanding of the plan layout of the labyrinth.


The symbol is connected to the history of China, a Bagua that symbolizes prosperity. This is a fundamental philosophical concept in ancient China and represent the fundamental principles of reality. The red color balances the concept of heaven above and earth below, thought verses interpretation. Finally the lowest point draws us into the center of the energy.
The Island is floating above the stone floor as if it was an alternate universe. ART is balanced here with textures, colors and lighting.


The key of this installation is the chandelier and so we have a 16 meter high light fitting that poses difficulty in the installation process. Each lighting rode is placed separately into fittings and individually controlled. We wanted to create a shape that is transparent and allows movement as one passes by and each view changes.