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Lord Stanley’s Gift Monument

Client: Lord Stanley Memorial Monument Inc. (LSMMI)

Location: Ottawa, ON, Canada

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $1,056,860

Project Team


Linda Covit

Linda Covit


Joseph Moro


Industry Resource

Michel Bernier


Industry Resource

Premier Jet



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Technical Drawings



Cup engineering

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Barry Padolsky, Project Manager

Barry Padolsky Associates inc.




This public artwork was initiated by a group of citizens to create a monument to Lord Stanley’s Gift in Ottawa, Canada’s capital. Lord Stanley, a passionate hockey dad, gave the original Stanley Cup to the game of hockey in 1892. The project vision included : be an iconic public landmark ; celebrate an intriguing moment in Canadian history ; reflect the links between hockey, culture and national identity; be inspiring, legible and accessible; a focal point for gatherings; honour the pursuit of excellence, educate ; enhance the urban context and symbolic character of the core of Canada’s capital city.


The design brief noted : Monuments in Canada’s Capital are intended to function as symbolic gestures that reflect meaningful aspects of Canada’s history and culture. For this reason, the Design Team must pay particular attention to the integration of the monument into its urban context. In order to solidify its power of attraction, the proposed monument must enrich its environment, generating a positive influence on visitors and residents. In order to create a meaningful place of great beauty, worthy of a national capital, the Design Team must carefully consider the symbolic values of the urban context.

These goals, and the size and rectangular shape of the designated space - 10m x 4m - strongly influenced the overall design. Conceived as a sculptural installation, it is scaled to the art site, its environment and the visiting public. Its iconic nature distinguishes it from the existing urban streetscape and adjacent structures and the opening “doors” allow for views of Confederation Square. Its significant size affirms its place, and is visible from passing cars, pedestrians and cyclists. The colours and materials contrast and harmonize with the environment. The installation is universally accessible.


The multidisciplinary team Comprised Linda Covit (Artist), Bao-Chau Nguyen (Landscape Architect) and Joseph Moro (Senior Design Architect / Associate). Each is skilled in the development and realization of major projects in their fields. Bringing their diversified experiences together enriched their collaborative approach for this important public artwork.
The Team was organized with Linda as the team leader and Bao-Chau and Joseph (with NORR Limited) playing a supporting role to her vision. Bao-Chau’s main focus was in how the landscape design supported the artwork concept. NORR’s role was to provide whatever technical support was required including architectural, structural, civil, mechanical and electrical (lighting) engineering design, as well as any logistical support including the use of NORR’s Ottawa architectural offices.

Additional Information

The installation takes a contemporary approach to the monument, inviting the visitor within to share an important part of our Canadian identity and culture. The Cup, Bench and Rink are unmistakable reminders of the Stanley Cup. Stainless steel lines crisscross the Rink evoking skate marks; embedded granite discs are engraved with the names of the winning hockey teams. A website has information on the Stanley Cup's history and the teams that vied for this prize, with audio clips recounting particular moments in the Challenge and Stanley Cup eras. At the inauguration hundreds of balloons were released to the sky.