Lorax - CODAworx

Client: The Village of Skokie

Location: The Village of Skokie, IL, United States

Completion date: 2016

Project Team


Dan Shaughnessy IV

IV Productions


Nick Wyatt

The Village of Skokie


The design idea behind Lorax was to design a whimsical piece that was tall and captivating at night. This Stainless Steel sculpture stands over 22ft with a 5ft flower bloom attached. Inside the bloom there is outdoor rated interactive light system. This lighting system has the ability to use data / sensors to drive the light array, giving the pedestrian control of the experience.


The main goal for this project was to ensure to the clients that "Lorax" could withstand the harsh winters of Chicago. The sculpture is fabricated entirely from High-Grade Stainless Steel enabling it to resist that strong winds as well as the snow and salt associated with Chicago winters. This sculpture has been standing over 5 years with zero issues or maintenance since install.


For this particular project, the clients requested the flower bloom be as polished and gleaming as possible. To capture this desired effect, the whole 5ft bloom itself was cut up into 8 sections then dipped individually into the electropolish chemical solution. Once complete, it was welded back up and made structural.

Additional Information

We specialize in designing / fabricating larger than life ideas. Our main goal at DSIV is to build public pieces that are timeless. We understand the future of public art and spaces are reliant on the relationship between the viewer and the work. We are constantly pursuing the idea of how to make public sculptures landmarks, elevating the space to feel playful and fun.