Submitted by Dan Shaughnessy IV


Client: The Village of Skokie

Location: The Village of Skokie, IL, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $27,000

Project Team


Dan Shaughnessy IV

IV Productions


Nick Wyatt

The Village of Skokie


The design idea behind Lorax was to design a whimsical piece that was tall and captivating at night. This sculpture is 22ft tall with a 5ft flower bloom. It is made entirely of high grade stainless steel with an Electropolish finish to make Lorax shine like a diamond


The main goal for this piece was design Lorax to be tall enough to be seen from far away as well as large enough (flower bloom) to feel close and captivating


For this project, I had one of my mentors, Mike Helbing, help with logistics and the building process

Additional Information

Lorax can be made into multiple series of flowers ranging in different dimensions and environments