Longing - CODAworx


Submitted by Yasmin Gur

Client: Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art,Eduction Dipartment Muza

Location: Herzelia, Israel

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $35

Project Team


Yasmin Gur


Education Director

Hilla Peled

Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art


‘Longing’, a manifest of nostalgia, built from reclaimed collected over the years.


The goal was to beautify the main lobby of the education department at the Herzliya Museum.

It is an existing building; the wall was empty for a while, and the museum was looking to emphasize the entrance to the lobby as a welcoming wall for students visiting the museum.

The sculptor is also a part of the education team; so to introduce the student to their teacher, it was meaningful that the introduction focused on the teacher first as an artist, and then as teacher. Ergo, the “Artist teacher wall”.


The process was a result of brainstorming between me and the head of education department.

The goal was to create a wall art that is deeply engaging.

A point in space and time where students gather and can start a conversation before entering the core exhibition.

The process included sketches/drawings.

The production and installation was developed by Yasmin Gur