Loma Linda Medical University - CODAworx

Loma Linda Medical University

Submitted by Deanne Sabeck


Client: Graduating class of 1969 Loma Linda University

Location: Loma Linda, CA, United States

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $97,000

Project Team


Deanne Sabeck


Jeffery Laudenslager


Amelia Brubaker

OCS Lighting and Control


Marian Fedak, class of 1969


This installation was commissioned by the graduating class of 1969 from Loma Linda Medical University as a gift. I first worked with the group and key members of the University’s staff to identify the location on campus which would be most ideal for my work. As I use reflective glass and light to create three dimensional “Light Sculpture”, existing ambient light is a huge factor to deal with. The niche area above the stairway which is 21′ w x 12′ h x 3′ d proved to be a perfect blank canvas for me.


As this was an existing building, I needed to integrate my work into the architecture and interior design. The overall goal was to create an installation which was dynamic both day and night and was a focal point in an otherwise austere environment. This austerity was really an advantage. Therefore the ART is the focal point of the entire space. Using stainless steel as both sculptural and structural elements, related well to the glass and stainless steel railings which are a dominant form in the space. The saturated, intense color really breathes life and vibrance into the building.


The collaboration was really between myself, and sculptor Jeffery Laudenslager, whose assistant fabricated the metal elements. I developed the basic design concept from the goals and particularly the logo of the University. There were several obstacles that had to be overcome, the main one being that we could not attach the lighting to the ceiling, another being that we needed to attach all of the glass and metal elements to steel studs which of course affected the overall design. While these began as obstacles, in the end they proved to make a more interesting final project.

Additional Information

As a Seventh Day Adventist University, the idea of "Making Man Whole, Body Mind, Soul" is their mission.Creating the sphere detailed as the earth, and dichroic glass reflecting the light spectrum onto it was an ideal place to begin. That quote is sandblasted onto the glass and appears and fades during the changing light sequencing that adds a kinetic aspect to the installation. I did not consciously place the sphere directly on top of the palm tree outside, however it worked beautifully! Just an observation in how the mind can work on very intuitive levels!