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Lobby Wall Sculpture for Mark IV

Client: Brian Hiff, Mark IV

Location: Cambridge, ON, Canada

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $12,000

Project Team


Heather Kocsis

Heather Kocsis Artist


Brian Hiff

Mark IV


Envisioning a captivating and original statement artwork that would capture the beauty of his building’s unique curved design, the Founder and CEO of Mark IV Corporation connected with Heather for a custom commission. Aware of Heather’s distinctive architectural wall sculptures, he felt it was a perfect fit.
“Mark IV” was created and specifically installed for the lobby reception area.
Oil on wood, 27 in x 39 in x 7 in


For a creative company that values inclusivity with its employees, showcasing an artwork that everyone relates to and engages with is very important. The originality of the medium inspired the visionary imaginations to enhance the work projects and the overall environment, simultaneously adding intriguing fine art aesthetics for the visitors to the company.


Following CEO Brian Hiff connecting with Heather Kocsis to initiate interest and communicate his ideas, Heather visited the site and photographed the building during different times of day and from various angles. Understanding what values Brian Hiff wanted to convey and where the final artwork would be installed, Heather created a compositional drawing articulating the dimensions and creative details.
After a contract was signed, Heather began building the sculpture. Process photos were shared during the creative process. When the artwork was completed, Heather arranged the delivery and installation date. The artwork was installed in a concrete wall, therefore the necessary tools were brought and the artwork was installed successfully.

Additional Information

This corporate building was a fascinating piece to create as a showpiece for the front lobby. The slope of the building created a new dynamic compared to the common straight lines of architecture. Heather also painted the reflection of the building within the windows, to bring the "outside-in". Opening the door is a creative element that engages the viewer and invites them into the sculpture.