Cielo Lobby Wall Sculpture - CODAworx

Cielo Lobby Wall Sculpture

Client: Cielo Property Group

Location: Austin, TX, United States

Completion date: 2015

Project Team


Anne Moran and Robert Brown


Art Consultant

Jennifer Brener Seay

Art + Artisans


This dynamic wall sculpture measures 7'h x 7'w x 3"d and is made from painted, faceted aluminum in aluminum frame. It resides at the Cielo Building in downtown Austin on historic Congress Ave.


The clients required a large statement piece for the lobby of their mixed use building. While designing the artwork, we kept in mind key design elements of the lobby, such as plentiful natural light and glass walls. The wall sculpture is designed to change with the light of the day by reflecting light from faceted angles; this alters it's composition and hues.


Art Plus Artisans suggested a size of 84" x 84" and requested warm colors such as purple, red, and yellow. Art Artisans referenced two of our pieces that the client liked from the presentation, to give us a better idea of what they were envisioning. We made multiple renderings of suggested art and re-worked the proposal to the client's approval.