Llum-i-links - CODAworx


Submitted by artec3 Studio

Client: LlumBCN 2015

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $31,500

Project Team


Maurice Ginés

artec3 Studio


Michela Mezzavilla


Public Art Agent

Ajuntament de Barcelona


Llum-i-links is an ephemeral installation by artec3 Studio and Michela Mezzavilla that was designed to guide attendees of the Llum BCN 2015 Light Festival through the narrow streets of Barcelona´s Old Town. Curtains of fine metal chains—color-coded silver, red, and gold— hung from street lamps, creating moving veils of light and texture that enticed the public and identified the three festival walking routes.


This year’s attendees were enthusiastic about the lighting scheme and appreciated not having to pull out their maps at every corner. During the day, the witty and elegant chain curtains were celebratory reminders of the riches to come after dark, while each evening, they brought to luminous life the three itineraries through the city streets.