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Living Synergies

Submitted by M/PAL: Mandy Palasik Studio

Client: Art on the Atlanta BeltLine

Location: Atlanta, GA, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $4,000

Project Team


Mandy Palasik

Mandy Palasik Studio


Nghi Duong

Studio nd


Living Synergies is a temporary public art installation that challenges our perception of “home” as a static place of private refuge, suggesting the collective memory of people, place, and experience is what defines the notion. Situated along the Atlanta BeltLine Eastside Trail, the installation welcomes visitors through a portal, symbolic of a traditional house composition with a human-scaled entry symmetrically defined by a gabled roof. Inhabitants enter an infinite “hallway” where a series of plywood frames compose the familiar enclosing structure – the “walls” and ”ceiling.” The enclosure slowly morphs into a public bench, creating an open “living room” where the adjacent views of the Atlanta skyline, lush park, and stream of trail goers become the ever-changing backdrop. The integral seating creates an inviting communal space for inhabitants to gather, converse, and enjoy the surrounding context. Home is neither permanent nor insular.


As part of the Art on the Atlanta BeltLine event, the installation aimed to provide a place of respite along the recreational trail where the community could gather and enjoy the public space.


Parametric design, CNC fabrication, site installation