Lima, Peru - CODAworx

Lima, Peru

Submitted by HENSE

Client: ISIL Institute

Location: Lima, Peru

Completion date: 2013

Project Team



Lead Assistant

Taylor Means


The project was organized by Morbo Gallery and funded by the ISIL institute in Lima, Peru.
HENSE worked with his head assistant and a crew of 10 professional painters over the course
of a month to complete the work.


With all my exterior projects, I rarely use a preconceived sketch or concept to go off of.
In this case, I presented a few rough concepts to the school to express my vision for the building
however, I always like to leave some room for creative freedom and spontaneity while working.
this project was challenging because of the scale. Every shape and mark that we made on the
wall had to be massive to be seen from a great distance. I also wanted to leave smaller,
details that would be seen by viewers close to the work. in this case most of my painting crew were
local to lima and spoke little to no english and I speak very little spanish so it was challenging to
communicate with them in the beginning of the project. After a month of working everyday with
them we managed to be able to understand each other. I’m very grateful for that experience
and I learned a lot from them and hope that they were inspired in some way by assisting in the
process of the artwork.’


‘We used over 200 gallons of exterior latex paint and a small amount of aerosol on this work.
most of the tools we used were rollers of various sizes, a paint sprayer, brushes, and homemade tools.
One thing I feel is important when working on this scale is the improvisational use of tools to create
the marks and shapes. In order to reach heights and lengths I had to attach brushes to extension poles
to paint in hard to reach areas. We used strings and ropes to create circles and lines that needed to
be accurate. However, most gestures and shapes were created freehand. I always push to keep a loose,
painterly feel at a large scale. All my work is purely abstract and non representational.’

Additional Information

project credits HENSE, Jules Bay, Taylor Means, Morbo Gallery, ISIL Institute, Liar Zeid, Panorama, Angel, Paul, Pedro, Alex, Miguel, Jaime, Mayo, William, Christian Rinke, Gino Moreno, Os Villavicencio, Carlos Benvenuto candice house, elard robles. for all the hard work and making this project come to fruition.