Client: Annonymous, Tampa Florida

Location: Tampa, FL, United States

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $60,000

Project Team

Client Lead, loose concept

Coco Design Group

Coco Design Group


Julie Conway

Illuminata Art Glass Design


Statement blown glass chandeliers modern Art Deco twist. Custom created for an entertainment space in Florida. Each chandelier holds 95 pieces of individually blown glass. Custom fabricated brass frames and lighting components illuminate all the components. 38″ wide, 20″ deep, 60″ tall.


The work was inspired by modern grey and blue palette with brass fittings in the other surrounding furnishings. Art Deco was the artist inspiration and the clients approved the concept proposal and gave the artist full creative control. End results = everything is gorgeous and clients are thrilled!


The Coco Design Group & Clients had a video call with Julie in her studio in Seattle. Inspiration sparked and the project was on! Julie will often have a studio meeting or initial call with clients to understand the project, and the details, desired results. The next steps are proposals of concepts, then project proposal in detail. 50% deposits are required for custom orders. Lead times and materials will be determined project based. Shipping arrangements can be made anywhere in the world. Julie will come to install for large-scale complicated projects.

Additional Information

Julie's specialty is understanding style,scale, light output, and the adventure of custom design. Her career is made on the individual projects that ignite her passion for making wonderful and unique pieces of glass, as well as stunning functional illuminated glass art for residential,