Light Waterfall - CODAworx

Light Waterfall

Submitted by Kris Lin

Client: Dowell Real Estate

Location: Wuhan, China

Completion date: 2017

Project Team


Kris Lin

Kris Lin International Design

Interior Designer

Jiayu Yang

Kris Lin International Design


This is a water-themed art form.The area is 1700㎡.On the facade of the building,we designed a light water curtain wall to echo the theme of “water”.The water curtain wall of the lamp consists of LED lights.After the lamp is running,a water curtain effect is formed.Presenting the dynamic water droplets such as light fluids,and the real water flow in the landscape pool as the echo and combination of photos,let people feel the way presented in different waters to design an art form of display space.


This is a water-themed art form. The designer tries to integrate the interior, the building and the landscape, presenting the state of the water in different ways.Designed to convey the relationship between water and architecture, water and nature and transparent ideas. We try to use the form of light to create the influence of a water cascade, forming a flow of sensational waterfalls; LED lights, wood and other delicate nodes are used to further present the light shape of the water curtain wall.The water curtain wall has two sides, the exterior forms a building facade, and the interior has a background wall. The atrium landscape formed by the glass walls around the pool becomes an indoor landscape point.


We are involved in the architecture, interior design, soft outfit engineering and landscape design, trying to make is indoor, architecture, landscape of the three integrated into integration, form a with water as the theme of the exhibition space of art. Light of water curtain wall is with a luminous effect, at the time of project completion, we set up a viewing platform, in the middle of the pool is a lot of people stop and location of the shoot, also attracted a lot of people attention and eye, and curious about the design process.