Light Sculpture - CODAworx

Light Sculpture

Submitted by Hans van Meeuwen

Client: City of Zeist

Location: Zeist, Netherlands

Completion date: 2005

Artwork budget: $85,000

Project Team


Hans van Meeuwen


City of Zeist, the Netherlands


7 large water-drops (5’3” high, made of transparent fiberglass) hang at steel-cables from 4 masts through the park. Each drop is lit from within. Only one at the time illuminates slowly, burns a few minutes, dims slowly. Than at random another one and so on.


I was invited to design a work with light. I remembered the numerous rainy Sundays as a kid, where I so wanted to go out side and play. Everyone in the Netherlands has this experience. I transformed this sad memory into something beautiful where the drops glow up in the dark, making it into a fairy tale.


I was invited by the City of Zeist to design an artwork where light plays a role. I worked together mostly with the public art committee of the city.

Additional Information

The Netherlands has a wet climate with many rainy days. I was remembering when I was a kid, the many rainy days, that kept me home inside. I wanted to make the raindrops lighting up into something beautiful.