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O.T. 1191 – Light Night Leeds 2023


Location: Leeds, United Kingdom

Completion date: 2023

Artwork budget: $35,000

Project Team


Stefan Reiss

Studio Stefan Reiss


Karsten Schuhl


Harald Gräbner

Metallbau Gräbner

Head of Placemaking + Events

Alex Webb

Form Property


O.T. 1191 (Untitled 1191) is an outstanding visual installation with a sophisticated steel construction like an A of the Latin alphabet with 26 ropes spanned from top to bottom on one side. A vivid animation of lines and forms was projected onto the ropes. The overall dimension were 8 x 6.5 x 7 m (height, width, depth). The art work was designed and built for Light Night Leeds 2023.

According to my research of visual alphabets connecting sounds of spoken words, vocals and consonants, with specific colours, the sculptural form of an A was born. 26 ropes, each rope standing for one letter of the alphabet completed the reference. A complex program of moving lines and fields, based on generative algorithms, was projected onto the ropes and the surrounding architecture, with each colour addressing one specific colour to one letter of the alphabet (according to the sound of the letter).

O.T. 1191 builds a creative connection between an analogue, haptic sculpture with an extraordinary, exuberantly colourful digital animation: an artistic bonding between analogue and digital worlds.


O.T. 1191 (Untitled 1191) contains around 50 steel elements and 26 ropes, which were mounted together on site and erected with a crane. The main goal was to design an appealing art work, which can be stored in one crate, can easily be shipped and mounted easily on site. On the other hand the piece had to be stable, withstand winds and fulfil safety standards, so that the festival and the audience are unconditionally protected.


In early 2023 Form property gave Studio Stefan Reiss the order to design a light art work for the big festival "Light Night Leeds". I immediately had the idea to create a simple A according to my intense occupation with (colour) alphabets. The idea was simple, but the design process was absolutely sophisticated.

Karsten Schuhl, creative mastermind behind the construction, designed a stunning sculpture out of connective pieces together with the deep knowledge of metal worker Harald Gräbner. From spring to summer there was a ping pong of several 3D renderings, models and tests at the studio in Berlin and the workshop in Bavaria.

Creative solutions from Karsten Schuhl and absolute precision from Harald Gräbner lead to an industry leading construction and art work, where an artistic approach meets technical innovations.

In Leeds only a small team was necessary to mount the metal pieces together. A crane lifted the metal frame and the ropes could be easily mounted from top to bottom. All in all the installation was done in less than a day.

O.T. 1191 is a perfect example how creativity, knowledge and planning can make an easy, secure and stressless installation process, so that the focus of the artist is on the artistic part of the art work.