'Light Hammer' - CODAworx

‘Light Hammer’

Submitted by Alan Tollakson

Client: The Light Center

Location: Baldwin City, KS, United States

Completion date: 2012

Artwork budget: $8,000

Project Team


Alan Tollakson


Robin Goff


From a series I call “Light Sculptures”, these forms combine stone with light to reveal what normally is not seen beneath the surface – looking “deep within”. I use this as a metaphor to express what I see as the energy that exists within and emanates from all things – some would say at a sub-atomic level. To do this, I carve areas of marble impossibly thin allowing light to pass through the stone, illuminating its crystalline and mineral structures. By blending these 2 fundamentally opposite elements (earth and light), this process creates soothing, uplifting, and often unexpected results. ‘Light Hammer’. Rose Marble and LED backlighting. 3’H x 2’W x 1″deep.


This was commissioned for The Light Center, a rural 501c3 retreat facility, and 'Light Hammer' visually defines their mission of creating sacred space for healing therapies, community education, and global outreach. Light Hammer's carved and over-lapping recesses exhibit geometric patterns designed to assist the viewer in the natural healing process, through directed intention. And the Medical Caduceus subtly appears in the composition as a nod to the healing journey.

Additional Information

The 2nd image shows 'Light Hammer' exhibited with 'Transforming Cell'. These are 1" to 3" thick marble wall sculptures, combined with LED back-lighting. I can also do this type of Light Sculpture work using much larger panels of marble and other translucent stones, up to 8' long.