Light Fields (Dancers) - CODAworx

Light Fields (Dancers)

Submitted by Dreams Work

Client: City Council of Rotterdam

Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $28,000

Project Team


City Council of Rotterdam

Dreams Work Ltd


We create magic beauty with light. Large architectural glass surfaces can become colourful light murals; constantly changing when one walks past. We believe creating serene beauty adds connection and spirit to our information-intensive city lives. Light Fields can transform glass roofs, tunnel walls, facades, sun facing glass panes, backlit walls, bridge elements or sound barriers into features that define a space in an elegant, durable and completely customized way.


For the four obsolete bridge-operator houses in Rotterdam, we transformed the dark and deserted buildings into light sculptures that light up the bridge area. The light effects move along with the passenger, which create a sense of poetic liveliness inside the iconic bridge buildings and playfully interact with the citizens of Rotterdam.


We designed and produced this project with our studio Dreams Work London. The project was commissioned by The City Council of Rotterdam.

Additional Information

For this project we used acrylic panels that were added to the existing building. Our Light Fields are also suitable for permanent application on architectural glass surfaces. We create custom designs that can be applied to large backlit glass facades, tunnels, south facing glass walls, sound barriers or light sculptures.