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Lift Your Voices

Submitted by Kent Williams


Client: Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary Catholic Church

Location: Sun Prairie, WI, United States

Completion date: 2012

Artwork budget: $2,400

Project Team


Kent Williams

Kent Williams Designs


Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary Catholic Church


The client, a Catholic church in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, was looking for an art piece to hang on the wall next to the narrow stairway leading from its main sanctuary to the choir loft. The piece would be mostly seen by the choir itself and was considered a gift to the choir for its contribution to the church's mission.


The artistic goal was to honor the choir. The design challenge was to occupy the wall in a meaningful way, given that the stairway undergoes two right-angle turns.


"Lift Your Voices" is a 12-panel piece that, with its series of tripartite columns, evokes piano keyboards, organ pipes, musical staffs--all the elements that go into producing a rich, harmonious sound. The individual panels can be thought of as voices or instruments, the musical line rising and falling (but mostly rising) across the breadth of the wall.