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Lift Me With Your Love / Kinetic Sculpture

Submitted by Amos Robinson

Client: Wolfstein Sculpture Park at Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla

Location: La Jolla, CA, United States

Completion date: 2014

Project Team


Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla


Amos Robinson


“Lift Me With Your Love” is an original kinetic sculpture by Amos Robinson commissioned for the Wolfstein Sculpture Park at Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla. Fabricated from stainless steel and standing 24’ tall, it depicts a male figure riding a unicycle, with a female figure on his shoulders. The sculpture was installed in July 2014. With 35 sculptures spread throughout the hospital’s 40-acre campus in La Jolla, California, the park’s purpose is to enhance the course of healing for patients, families, visitors and staff, by integrating art with a healing environment.


The idea for the sculpture was conceived when a nurse at Scripps Memorial Hospital contacted the artist to propose creating a tribute to her husband who had recently succumbed to cancer. The couple resided in La Jolla and shared a passion for cycling during their 29 years together.

While the sculpture was inspired by the stories the artist was told about the couple, the concept -- of feeling supported and uplifted by love, even from a loved one no longer here -- is one many relate to and take comfort in. According to the hospital's chief executive, "Lift Me With Your Love" has become one of the most popular pieces in the sculpture collection.


Once the concept and maquette were developed, a proposal was made to the hospital's chief executive and the patrons of the sculpture park. With a green light from the hospital administration and funding secured through donations by several individuals, the artist began work on the commission in early 2014. Site selection and preparation, and installation services were contributed by the hospital.