Liferise - CODAworx


Submitted by The Distant Symphony

Client: Liferise

Location: San Francisco, CA, United States

Completion date: 2022

Project Team

Animator / Composer

John Orr Franklin

The Distant Symphony


Tiffany Joy Basse



Animated sacred geometry visuals for meditation phone application.

The goal is to create a stepping off point where the viewer is transported into a world of unity. The sacred geometric data designs evoke a feeling of wholeness and balance within the psyche that enable the participant to forget about their troubles for a moment and let the constructs envelope them in a moment of peace and serenity.


Create and format multiple sacred geometry meditations to be included in the wellness application Liferise.


Developed multiple sacred geometry looping meditation videos to be included in the Liferise application.
Worked with hiring client to determine a per play royalty based commission structure. Worked with the technical lead to ensure video size and dimensions were accurate for the application.