Life’s Pathway


Client: Wake Forest Baptist Health

Location: Winston-Salem, NC, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $8,000

Project Team


Trena McNabb

McNabb Studio, Inc

Interior Designer

Carol Wooley

CJMW Architecture


Bill Hearn

Commercial Framing


To create a three panel painting as a focal point to a new Birthing Center at the hospital. Each panel was 36” x 30”, hung 2” apart. Acrylic on canvas. The focus would be a tree dominating and connecting with all panels with a path meandering off into the hills. The landscape is filled with native plants and animals that livehere. The images overlap, amplifying the continuous flow of life. The edges where the colored images and line drawings meet allow space for transformation and room for the viewer’s imagination to wander into another place.


They wanted a significant piece as focal point for the entrance of this new state-of-the-art birthing center. The only request was that there be a tree and bluebirds. Otherwise, the design was up to me as they were familiar with my work and allowed me to use my imagination.


The collaboration consisted of the decorator visiting my studio and purchasing 5 other paintings for this location, still under construction, and top secret. A size was suggested. I prepared a simple sketch to show what I planned to paint and it was immediately approved by the hospital personnel and decorator services. The work was installed by a professional hired by the hospital.

Additional Information

I do so much enjoy commission work. It is an honor to be selected for something like this and validates to me how much I have worked to develop a unique style. Something that says in a glance that it is a painting by Trena McNabb.