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Lewes Squirt Installation in George H. P. Smith Park

Submitted by Vivien Collens

Client: Lewes Public Art Commission

Location: Lewes, DE, United States

Completion date: 2022

Project Team


vivien Collens

space, money, publicity

Lewes Public Art Commission


I was asked to install 3 of my squirt sculptures in the George H.P. Smith Park for the summer of 2022.
The sculptures were fabricated in my studio so they could be bolted to the heavy round steel bases I would deliver with them.
Concrete footings and bases were not allowed so the 48″ circular steel bases were earth anchored. There was a 3 hour window for installation, so all the tools and parts had to be labeled and organized so that the installation team could complete the work in the 3 hours.


The goal was to activate the spaces in the park , and bring people further into the park. People had tended to congregate near the entrance to the park, and the sculptures were meant to draw them into the park where other activities may take place.


Once I was shown the site, I created a studio installation of my proposal, and sent a photo of it with a description to the Public art Committee. After some back and forth, we agreed on the scope and scale of the project. I then reworked the stems of earlier Squirt installations, adding new material on top and the steel bases, sharing occasional photos with the committee and asking questions to clarify the site conditions and installation limitations.

Additional Information

The installation went smoothly. The Public Art Committee was very happy with the results.